Literacy, Inc.

Literacy Inc. is a non-profit organization started by author Deborah Leblanc

Literacy has been a national concern for years as evidenced by the foreword noted in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, “…too many children in America are segregated by low expectations, illiteracy, and self-doubt…But if we succeed in educating our youth, many other successes will follow throughout our country and in the lives of our citizens.”i Read More


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What Educators are Saying:

Thank you so much for visiting our school. You are an amazing speaker and you really engaged the students.”

“The workshop was very enlightening to my students. It not only motivated them to read, but excited them about the challenge. I was thrilled by the way you were able to relate to the students, get on their level and share with them the boundless opportunities that await them if they only try.”

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